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Weapon and Personnel Protection

INFLATECH increases the probability of survival of military equipment and personnel by using false objects and creating false situations. We help you to achieve balance of power with the use of non-lethal military equipment.

The Solution

We produce high quality modern military decoys, models of arms and military equipment, simulators and reflectors that deceive the enemy. INFLATECH products are cost effective and unrecognizable from the original due to their unique features and capabilities.

Product Features

Lightweight – solutions starting at approx. 60kg
Easy to transport and stow
Rapdily deployable – inflated between 3 to 30 minutes
Weather resistant – thermal stability from -20°C to +50°C
Defect resistant – easily repaired in the field, keeps shape and functionality
Standout thermal signatures simulate engines and mufflers
Radar reflective components deceive even advanced surveillance systems
Durable – can be deployed and folded for at least 50 times

Product capabilities

Radar and infrared
Thermal signature
Radar signature
Granularity: level of detail
Wavelength range Resolution
Optical 0,4 - 1,1 mkm less than 0,20 m
Thermal 3 - 5 mkm, 8 - 14 mkm less than 0,60 m
Radars 0,8 - 30 sm less than 6 m

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to create a safer, more peaceful world.

Our vision

Our mission is to save lives, equipment and resources in modern-day conflicts. We help to protect Air Force and Air Defense systems by using inflatable military decoys.

Our mission

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About us

INFLATECH was established to fill a gap in the military decoys market. Most present decoys are used only for training purposes, while our products are designed to deceive, distract, conceal and protect. We decided to fill the gap, help avoid casualties and destruction, thus creating a safer, more peaceful world. We are a skilled team (over 10 years of experience) in design and production of decoys. We understand military needs – our products have been tested and developed in close cooperation with the armed forces.


Latest news

inflatable decoy

Inflatech decoys can deceive 5th generation fighter jets

We would like to ensure our customers that the INFLATECH military decoys have the highest presumption of success. Thanks to the intensive research and development during last years INFLATECH offers the high-end technology for producing military decoys which can deceive 5th generation fighter jets as well.

inflatable decoys with DSIA

Inflatable decoys with DSIA

INFLATECH is a member of the Defence and Security Industry Asociation of the Czech Republic.  

inflatable military decoys on EUROSATORY Paris 2018

Inflatable decoys on EUROSATORY 2018

INFLATECH decoy is going to participate in expo EUROSATORY 2018 in Paris under the auspices of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA).

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